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Wrestling Radio – Episode 187

The One with after a long hiatus where everything is happening! Brand Splits? Live Smackdown? LOL TNA? Oh My!!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 186

The One with The Roadblock! That’s right the road to Wrestlemania has a Roadblock… and it’s not another injury! We’re joined by Propaganda’s Paul to discuss the WWE’s build to Wrestlemania so Indy and Japan news, plus NXT and TNA! Wowee! Packed show in just over an hour so #CheckItOut!

Propaganda with PC – Episode 6

Paul & Andy are back to discuss the following: lots of wrestling including WWE, Valentine’s Day (and Paul’s disastrous one), 90’s music and lots more fun!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 185

The One after Daniel Bryan retired. That’s right, we’re here to talk about what Daniel Bryan meant to wrestling and about the injuries that caused him to retire. We also break down this week’s NXT and talk some other news items. Also, did you ever thing what would happen if RoH got put on SpikeTV instead of TNA? Hmm… #CheckItOut

Wrestling Radio – Episode 184

The One where we talk about the ROYAL RUMBLE and NEWS! That’s right it’s 2016 and we have been waiitng to talk about some grapple talks! So here it is! Andy and Jason’s take on The 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles, Nakamura, Lucha Underground, The Rock, and Road to Wrestlemania!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 183

The One with the 2015 SOWWEE AWARDS!!! That’s right! Forget the news, forget RAW, forget the Royal Rumble. None of that matters anymore! The only thing that matters is who walks away with the prestigious Sowwees tonight! Join us as we break it ALL DOWN IN GREAT DETAIL for your listening pleasure!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 182

The One where WWE raids New Japan! So a bunch of newsworthy things happened. Four guys form New Japan Pro Wrestling are going to be heading stateside to work in SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT for Vince McMahon. Meanwhile, injuries continue to pile up as things look even more shaky going into Wrestlemania Season! Will the Road to Wrestlemania be filled with Pot Holes? What the heck are they going to screw up at the Rumble this year? All that and more in this episode #CheckItOut!

Propaganda with PC – Episode 5

PC is back with special guest Andy Napier…again! We talk TLC, RAW, Final Battle, old board games, NXT and more!

Wrestling Radio – Episode 181

The One with the Survey! WWE put out a survey about RAW Viewership, hmmmm!! Also, some weird things happened on RAW and NXT continued to be great. Andy talks about an idea that he and Paul talked about previously on Propaganda with PC, and MORE! So #CheckItOut

Propaganda with PC – Episode 4

Paul is back with special guest Andy Napier! They discuss WWE, NXT, Bryan Adams (the singer!), video games, old commercials, the legendary discography of SHAQ and a whole bunch of other nonsense! This was a really fun show. Take a listen and give us some feedback!